Mission & Vision


The Upper Valley Trails Alliance advocates for the development, use, and maintenance of trails in the region. Through education, outreach & stewardship we:

  • connect people and places through a regional trail network
  • lead a coalition of local trail groups and advocates
  • promote active lifestyles through trail use in all seasons

Strategic Vision 2025:

The UVTA will be the recognized leader and preferred partner for trail development, programs, information, and support in the region, creating an extensive, accessible, and integrated Upper Valley trail system for use by all residents.



Sustainably grow, maintain, and standardize regional trail networks

  • Incorporate previously identified trails into a regional network of publicly accessible and identifiable trails
  • Expand and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with pertinent stakeholders, including mechanized and non-mechanized trail user/owner groups and private companies in the region
  • Utilize a range of marketing tools, including Trail Finder, to promote use of and engagement with trails
  • Work with land owners to ensure permanent access to and sustainability of trails


Engage adults and children in trail use and trail work by growing our educational and programmatic offerings

  • Sustainably expand reach of existing programs
  • Create new programmatic offerings to meet the needs of the broader trail community and of alliance members
  • Proactively reach out to current and potential members of the trail community to communicate the services we offer


Work with all stakeholders, from everyday hikers to policymakers, to implement a shared vision for regional trail stewardship

  • Strengthen the alliance by cultivating intra-alliance relationships, holding regular gatherings, facilitating knowledge-sharing, and proactively communicating
  • Communicate across many platforms to promote our shared vision
  • Empower alliance members and community leaders to advocate for our shared vision